Inbound Video and the Death of Impersonal Marketing – Digital Summit/Revolve Conference 2018

Every marketer knows doing things “the old fashioned way” is unsustainable yet most people still don’t think this same way about video. Agencies and brands alike keep getting stuck viewing video through the lens of the “deliverable,” meaning a snappy 15 or 30 second spot that you make once, then syndicate across platforms. 

That’s no longer good enough. We’ve seen email and social marketing thrive on the notion of personalized content that resonates with a hyper-specific audience, and we have to approach video in the exact way. For too long, though, that’s felt impossible due to high production costs and the complexity associated with making video.

But now it’s 2018 and things are different. The barriers to entry are now so low they’re nearly invisible. You can now create faster and better video than ever with the content you create tightly integrated into your existing marketing campaigns (not just bolted on or done separately).

Video marketing stats
Standout metrics to help you share why video matters. 

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