How to use video (strategically) for case studies

Case studies are often viewed as siloed deliverables, one-off projects that result in one or two high value deliverables. While in some cases, that may be acceptable, the reality is a single production opportunity can do so much more. In fact, video case studies can form the foundation of an entire content marketing strategy, providing… Continue reading How to use video (strategically) for case studies

Wave Link – First Time Setup for macOS

Howdy, some quick context up top: this is a setup guide for the Elgato Wave Link software. Unfortunately, right now Elgato is missing a lot of Mac-specific documentation and it’s caused some frustration for me so I wrote this up based on their existing Windows articles. I hope it helps other Mac users using Elgato’s… Continue reading Wave Link – First Time Setup for macOS

PDF Archive – Instrument Planning from the August 19, 1937 Issue of Flight

A friend was doing some research into instrument flying and needed to locate a key text on the subject. This article from a 1937 issue on Flight is heavily cited in academic texts, but as of several years ago is not available online because the parent organization’s archive went dark during a site upgrade in 2019 and hasn’t reemerged. London-based Flight International has also been through an acquisition (DVV Media Group out of Germany) so finding the right person to talk to was tricky.

Because it’s so difficult to find this text and it seems to be so widely cited, I wanted to publish it here to make sure that other folks would have an easier time locating the text.

Photos: Minotaur Rocket Launch

Photos from the NROL-129 mission launch using the Northrup Grumman Minotaur rocket from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Digital Marketing allows you to show your customers what your business is made of and how you can help them with their needs, for that reason if you have business is… Continue reading Photos: Minotaur Rocket Launch

Building a COVID19 Data Dashboard for Rhode Island

Full version at (no longer active) This week I created a simple dashboard for COVID19 related data released by the state of Rhode Island. It tracks the following key COVID19 metrics in Rhode Island: Positive COVID19 cases Hospitalizations ICU stays Patients on Ventilators (new as of 4/15) Deaths Testing data Cases by City/Town (now a… Continue reading Building a COVID19 Data Dashboard for Rhode Island

Why your video team needs Retrospectives (and how to run them)

To start, a quick disclaimer. Retrospectives are an Agile thing and while I’ve worked at places that used bits and pieces of Agile, I am far from an expert. This write up is for noobs like me looking for a way to learn from their mistakes rather than repeat them. So, you wrapped a big… Continue reading Why your video team needs Retrospectives (and how to run them)