• How to use video (strategically) for event marketing

    How to use video (strategically) for event marketing

    Video can help amplify your event beyond the four walls of the venue. From capturing the content of the event to capturing the feeling of the event, video is an invaluable part of a modern event marketing strategy.

  • Mohawk trail drone trip

    I took a short road trip to western Massachusetts with my buddy Andy. He brought his GoPro Karma drone. I brought my personal camera rig.

  • The ultimate live streaming checklist

    Whether you’re trying to reach prospects, customers, or internal stakeholders, live video provides a powerful, engaging way to get your message out into the world. But if you don’t have any live streaming experience, the process can seem a little daunting — especially if you’ve ever witnessed any live streams gone wrong. I mean, no one wants…

  • Inbound Video and the Death of Impersonal Marketing – Digital Summit/Revolve Conference 2018

    Every marketer knows doing things “the old fashioned way” is unsustainable yet most people still don’t think this same way about video. Agencies and brands alike keep getting stuck viewing video through the lens of the “deliverable,” meaning a snappy 15 or 30 second spot that you make once, then syndicate across platforms.  That’s no…

  • My professional sound setup for live streaming with Twitch and OBS

    I’m a lifelong avgeek and as I’m learning to fly for real, I use my home simulator as a really useful training tool. Occasionally I’ll stream my flights, and because I have a production background I really wanted to have a proper audio workflow. The following setup is exactly what I use to send audio…

  • Control your entire lighting setup with an iPad

    An excerpt from a post on the blog: Whether you’re working in a studio or on location, controlling your lighting setup can be a pain. As your setups get more complex, it takes more time to tweak individual lights and even if you’re working with a larger crew making final adjustments can eat up…