Live streaming advice from an industry pro

Stream help text over photo of monitors and streaming equipment.

In These Uncertain Times™️ using video to connect is more important than ever, but live streaming is a huge topic with a ton of headaches, barriers and gotchas.

Because I’ve been fielding a ton of questions about this stuff lately, I’m setting up a simple way to book pay-what-you-want 1:1 conversations about any streaming topic you need help with.

Whether you’re just trying to look decent on a video chat or you’re doing high end live production, I can help answer your questions or troubleshoot problems.

I have years of experience doing everything from Twitch streaming to running mission critical streams for large orgs. I’ve worked for almost every major news and sports network and I recently led the internal production team at one of the largest live stream service providers, Brightcove.

Here are some topics I can help with:

  • Streaming basics (How to look good on a webcam, optimizing your home setup with lighting/audio)
  • Live streaming tools and software (Wirecast, OBS, etc)
  • Live streaming platforms (Video chat, webinar hosts, YouTube, Twitch, etc)
  • Streaming hardware (Switchers, routers, cameras, encoders, etc)
  • Networking for live streaming (network topology, cellular bonding, IRL streaming tools)
  • Remote/cloud-based live production tools (From pro solutions to beginner-friendly platforms)

When you schedule a chat, you’ll be directed to my personal Paypal page. There’s no obligation to pay, but feel free to give what you think is fair or what you can afford. I really appreciate it!

Schedule a chat using the tool below!

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