Client relationships are everything.

But we don't talk about it as much as we should. At WistiaFest, I'm leading a workshop about what partnership means and how you can get there with your video marketing clients.


I'm Ian and I work at Animus Studios as a Creative Director and Strategist. I'm a video marketer with a history of crafting workflows, building campaigns, and growing businesses. I deal with client relationships 24/7.


Whether you're a big agency, or a small consultancy, my workshop will help you communicate more clearly and create better content. We'll put these strategies into action during a creative jam with an actual client at the end. You'll leave with a solid game plan for collaborating with all your current and future clients.


Sound interesting? Here's the rundown:


ACT I: The old way of doing things


ACT II: The new reality of creative partnerships


ACT III: Starting off on the right foot


ACT IV: Showing value beyond the deliverable


FINALE: A live creative jam



I'm really looking forward to the workshop and learning together at WistiaFest. If you'd like to stay in touch ahead of (and after) the talk, leave your email below. If you have a burning question, click here to schedule a quick call.