Hi, I'm Ian. I help brands tell better stories with video.


Effective marketing starts with authentic storytelling. From strategy and production to publishing and distribution, I use amazing video content to share stories and grow businesses.


Who I am

I'm a former agency wonk who went independent in 2015. I'm frustrated by the old ways of doing things, and I am constantly looking for ways to optimize and innovate to create video content faster, more affordably, and with high quality standards.


I live in Providence, Rhode Island and while I work a lot in New York City and Boston, I travel the globe to find, capture, and share visual stories. I don't like studios, I love working on-location.



How I'm different

Video production is traditionally expensive, time consuming, and frankly a pain in the rear to produce. The agency + production house model is can be too slow and old school videographers don't understand the making and sharing content on the internet.


You don't just need a video. You need a consistent flow of content, and it needs to be compelling and on-deadline, on-budget, and on-brand. That's my jam.



What I value

I value authenticity. I prefer to create videos using real people talking about the real ways they make an impact. Every company is made up of amazing, unique people who do amazing, unique things. I give those people a voice.


I value collaboration. My process is focused on asking the right questions, and listening to your answers. I am a trusted partner with my clients, not a vendor.


I value strategy. Video should be integrated with high-level marketing goals and I know how to build and execute a video campaign that integrates seamlessly into your existing initiatives.


I value the internet. From social media to native advertising I know that digital is not the future, it's the present so I'm focused on creating content that thrives online.



How I help

The process starts with discovery where I internalize your brand's goals, voice, and messaging. From there I'll build a video marketing strategy and provide a clear roadmap for how we execute on our vision.


As we head towards production, I'll manage everything from scheduling and logistics to assembling a crew. Together we'll turn concepts into beautiful content, designed to be watched and shared.


After the fact, I'll follow up with you about how we did and how we can optimize our next video to maximize impact.

Ready to transform the way people connect with your brand?

Leave your details and I'll be in touch with a short discovery questionnaire to see if we're a good fit. Just saying hello? Book a time to chat here.


Looking for regular ol' contact info? You can call me at 401-744-9365, email me at ian@ianservin.com, or send me a letter at 169 Rumstick Rd. Barrington, RI 02806

I hold regular office hours from 9a to 5p Eastern Monday through Friday.  I'm often on-location but you can check my calendar and book my time here.